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The Greek tax system is very complicated more so due to the continuous amendments it undergoes. Being well informed on a continuous daily basis, is therefore, a must.

We take pride that we follow this golden rule closely - but this is only half the story. Applying this knowledge is the other half. We consider tax planning as a very essential aspect of anyone's future - individuals or businesses alike. Taxation in Greece is beginning to attain its right dimension in terms of a macroeconomic policy tool, thus affecting everyone directly, individuals or  businesses alike. 

We provide expert assistance, coupled with cost-effective tax compliance.
Our aim is to assist you in keeping up with the ever-changing tax regulations and at the same time see that the amount you pay is minimised.

As a recognition of our expertise, we have been associated with IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation), a non-profit tax research organisation based in Amsterdam employing researchers from over 30 countries and a network of local tax experts in 200 countries. We have been the exclusive correspondents and regular contributors to a number of IBFD publications since the late 1980s.

Our services include the following four main tax areas:

  • Corporation tax.

With regard to compliance, our role is to prepare and submit corporate tax returns, negotiate liabilities with the Tax Office, as well as to ensure that your employees and sub-contractors are tax compliant.

Our tax consultants also provide advice and practical assistance on more issues, such as the contentious disputes with the Tax Office, the acquisition or disposal of assets or businesses etc.

  • VAT

VAT is undeniably very complex in most countries; not least in Greece, as a result of the frequent changes in the law, but also due to the system in place whereby every change is followed by an interpretative note issued by the services of the responsible Ministry of Finance. In addition, one also has to take into account the rulings of the courts of varying grades. Consequently, businesses must be very alert with regard to their obligations, in order to avoid committing errors, with whatever these may imply.
We offer a full range of services by an experienced team well versed in VAT issues and can also deal with investigations arising from Tax Office audits.

  • Transfer Pricing

This is one of the most significant tax issues faced by tax authorities and tax payers alike. Our professionals possess the ability and the experience to prepare the transfer pricing documentation in compliance with the current Greek legislation.

  • Personal tax

Faced by an ever changing tax legislation, it is no surprise that an individual can find it very hard to cope with filing tax returns and keeping up with all the surrounding obligations, no matter how simple and straightforward your finance situation is.
It is our job to keep current with what is happening in this field, even on a daily basis and therefore we are always in the position to handle promptly your tax matters efficiently and effectively.


With regard to Personal tax, our services include the following:

  • Tax compliance— by handing over your tax affairs to a professional tax team, you can rest assured that your tax returns are completed correctly and on time, thus avoiding penalties and/or fines and minimising your tax liabilities.
  • Tax planning— again a well-versed professional tax team is key to achieving the end objective, which is to pay the minimum tax provided by law. We can do this for you through custom made strategies based on your personal and business circumstances.
  • Tax Office audits— although our aim is to help you minimise the risk of such audits, we can provide you valuable assistance, not only in resolving disputes, but also negotiating favourable settlements.
  • Tax residency changes— we undertake to assist individuals in registering with the tax authorities, whether they move to Greece, or move abroad.
  • Taxation of Inheritances/Parental Grants/Donations— we can guide you through the maze of the relevant tax legislation in achieving the most favourable solutions for you and your family.
  • Real Estate— we provide sound advice on how to make the best possible use of tax-saving vehicles, ensuring that your family is properly provided for.
  • International tax services— expert tax advice on your operations around the world, with access to tax expertise through our foreign associated accounting firms.

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