Thursday, April 18, 2024

Questions and Answers

Cookies: What are they?

Cookies are small files, which when you access a website, they are downloaded onto your computer or smartphone. 

We use cookies in order to monitor the performance of our website, as well as  to improve the user experience.

Cookies: How can one manage them?

The consent of all our visitors to our website is explicitly asked to be given to us to use cookies.

One may opt-out or block cookies and most browsers now permit this. The way to do this varies from browser to browser. However, the opting-out or the blocking of cookies may result in your not being able to access certain sections of our website. In addition, some parts of the site may not work as intended.

An alternative solution which is available to you, is to delete the cookie from your system, when your visit to our website comes to an end.

In case you wish to change your browser settings to manage cookies, as well as to opt-out or block them, you may visit ( where you may obtain all the required instructions on how to manage cookies.

Cookies: What types do we use?

We use the following two types:

  1. Google Analytics cookies

We use utma, utmb, utmc and utmz, which are performance cookies, whereby the data being passed is anonymous. The monitoring of the performance of our site and its improvement, is made possible through our assessing of the data provided by the cookies. Please click here, if you wish to obtain specific details of the cookies used  by Google Analytics.

  1. Session cookie (PHPSESSID)

For the site to function, it is absolutely necessary to use the session cookie, as this is integrated with the code with which the content management system is run. During a browsing session, the session cookie is stored temporarily and when the website is exited by the user, the session cookies are normally deleted.