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Our services include the following:

  • bookkeeping
  • setting up and/or reorganising the functions of Accounting Departments
  • supervising Accounting Departments
  • preparing financial statements
  • compliance with Greek and International Accounting Standards

Payroll services

Outsourcing the payroll function has become very common, as it makes sense from a commercial point of view due to the benefits a business can derive, namely,   removing the responsibility of running a payroll, with all the costs involved, but also allowing valuable resources, human and cash alike, to be directed and used in more productive and profitable tasks.

By outsourcing payroll, you can benefit from knowing that:

  • the payroll function will be performed by qualified, experienced staff
  • accurate and timely payroll financial information will be produced for periodic and annual accounts
  • you no longer need to buy and learn how to use expensive specialised software
  • you will have disaster recovery cover for all payroll information
  • you do not need to concern yourself over holiday or sick leave cover for payroll staff
  • the risk of exposing confidential payroll information to unauthorised personnel is reduced

We provide professional, reliable and tailored solutions and our service comprises:

  • an initial consultation to establish your exact requirements
  • payroll calculation
  • preparation of all relevant documentation (payroll lists, accounting journals)
  • electronic payslips
  • preparation and filing of all relevant returns to the Tax and Social Security Offices
  • dealing with all starters, leavers
  • year-end income tax certifications issued to employees and freelancers
  • dealing with ad hoc queries as and when required

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